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DSC07399Don started his career as a cobbler at the age of 16 in Cali, Colombia. In 1988, he came to the US with hopes of developing and furthering his craft. He worked at several shoe repairs in the DC Metro area before finally starting his own shoe repair service. His first project was the “Shoe Mobile”, which was a traveling shoe repair that visited local car dealerships and areas with high pedestrian traffic to offer “while you wait” shoe repair service. After several years of success with the “Shoe Mobile”, Don established his first shop in 1996 at 726 King Street to better accommodate his growing number of loyal clients. This location thrived through its 16 years of service until Don was able to move the shop to its current corner location at 824 King Street. A major Key to Don’s success is his attention to individual customer service. This is the reason he has been able to maintain a great customer base and has attracted numerous contractual works through the area performance shops, high-end shoe retail locations, and government agencies.